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Javascript Imrpoved

Javascript code inserted via the "Webfont Tag" in the preview settings of the prototype enables Javascript to be executed using the "Open link in new window/tab" action. This method has a number of advantages over executing javascript via "Open link in current window."

Improved Javascript Injection

Old Method Demo

Improve javascript injection with a chuck of javascript inserted as a webfont. The javascript overrides the function enabling javascript to be executed in an "Open Link in New Window/Tab" action.

In the Axure menu choose "Publish > Preview Options > Configure", add a new webfont and insert the javascript below in the webfont tag.

u209_seg0 u209_seg1 u209_seg2

The most important benefit of the new javascript injection method is that multiple actions with javascript no longer cancel out each other.

Click on the [Old Method] button to see that only the javascript in the second action is executed when viewed in the Chrome browser.

Click on the [New Method] button to see that the javascript in both actions are executed when viewed in the Chrome browser.

u211_seg0 u211_seg1 u211_seg2

New Method Demo

u218_seg0 u218_seg1 u218_seg2
u219_seg0 u219_seg1 u219_seg2
u220_seg0 u220_seg1 u220_seg2

Executing javascript via "Open Link in New Window/Tab" has the additional benefit the function stored in window.AxureExInitialize is called before any javascript is executed. Place initialization code in this function.

Is this prototype window.AxureExInitialize is initialized by javascript stored in the AxureEx.Shared webfont. AxureEx extends the AxQuery API with additional functionality.




u227_seg0 u227_seg1 u227_seg2
u228_seg0 u228_seg1 u228_seg2
u229_seg0 u229_seg1 u229_seg2
u233_seg0 u233_seg1 u233_seg2
u234_seg0 u234_seg1 u234_seg2
u235_seg0 u235_seg1 u235_seg2

The new method also allowes text of widgets to be executed as javascript.

Use the syntax javascript:"@"<name of widget> to automatically execute the text of a widget as javascript.

It is even possible to pass variables to the executed javascript. Use the synax javascript:"@"<name of widget>"<,>"<name of variable>":"<value of variabe> an example;


New Method Demo

u240_seg0 u240_seg1 u240_seg2


u242_seg0 u242_seg1 u242_seg2
u243_seg0 u243_seg1 u243_seg2

CSS can also be inserted via the "Webfont Tag".

u246_seg0 u246_seg1 u246_seg2